Snowshoes walks

Our location is particularly suitable for this activity. The mountain guides offer an assortment of daily outings, including some at night with a meal in an alpine chalet. 

Bernex got 4 marked out routes. With an easy access and without any difficulty, they both are suitable for beginner. 

  • The Essert Circuit enables to go down the station from the "Pré Richard" by way of the farms of high mountain pasture of Pellys and Esserts. 
  • The Becret circuit rises to the hamlet of bécret and comes down again along Ugine. 
  • The Envers' circuit makes a buckle in the wood "Envers" before coming down again by Esserts.
  • The "À travers les alpages" circuit
These routes are marked out by metal patches of violet color fixed to wood supports. 

A panel of welcome was placed from strolls, at feet of the ski resort, near the French Ski School. 

Warning: These roads are not monitored. For your safety we invite you to respect some rules: 

  • Never leave by yourself; 
  • Get Information about the weather conditions before leaving
  • Always take warm clothes, something to drink and to eat. 

Download marked out routes