Géopark of the Chablais

The Chablais is the 4th french Géopark.

The area of the Chablais included since march 2012 the grid of the Europeans and Internationals Géoparks reknown by the UNESCO. It joins the 3 other french Géoparks (the geoligical reserve of Digne-les-Bains, the natural park of the Lubéron and the one of the Bauges). Carrying by SIAC (intercommunal syndicate of arrangement of the Chablais), this project wants to increase the value of the natural heritage of the territory. Jean-Pierre Fillion, President of the SIAC, Michel Meynet, Vice-President and Martial Dray, President of the Scientific Committee, announced the integration of the Chablais within the grid of the Europeans and Internationals Géoparks reknown by the UNESCO with a great pride and satisfaction. This integration legitimates the geological wealth of the Chablais and rewards the years of work.

What is a Géopark ?

It is a life area, with inhabitants, visitors and locals actors, where the connection between humans and the earth is essential. A Géopark includes a certain number of remarkable places (23 places for the Chablais) because of their scientific interest, their rarity, their attractive or their educative value. Their interest can also be archeological, historical or natural. The 23 géosites choose in the Chablais would, after the arrangement of  2013, tell to the public their geogolical story with signs and equipments.

To tell this story, lots of tour guides and mountain guides were in training.

Two Géosites in Bernex :

-The them way : "confidences of the  Bénand Mount" : there is a free booklet to your disposal at the tourism office. 
-The view of the Pré-Richard